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25 Activities To Add To Your Mother-Daughter Bucket List

The mother-daughter connection is special. But until I had my own girls, I never realized how powerful the bond feels and how it changes you. My girls are now 19 and 15. One has gone out on her own and the other is racing to keep up with her older sister. Yet I feel like we’re just starting to get to the really fun stuff with the things we do together. If you’re a mom looking to make special memories with her “little girl,” or a daughter looking to bond with mom, we have 25 ideas to consider ad

Why This Horse Named, 'Patch' May Become Your Kentucky Derby Favorite This Year

Every year, it seems like one or two horses take the spotlight in Kentucky Derby coverage. Usually it’s the horse’s speed or breeding that pulls the media’s attention. This year, though, a special horse has captured the public’s attention for a different reason: Patch is missing his left eye. Patch, like most competitive thoroughbreds, has racing in his blood. His father is 2012 Belmont Stakes winner Union Rags. The 3-year-old horse has one of the most renowned trainers in the equestrian world:
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